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Have you ever built an amazing landing page, drove targeted traffic to it, and then found that everything you’re doing, you’re just not getting any conversion? It sucks. You’ve put in all this time. You’ve put in all these resources. You just can’t get sales for the life of you. Today I’m going to share seven landing page flaws that’ll kill your conversions.

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The first flaw is load time, and you’ve probably heard this before.

Speed matters.

The second flaw is generic landing pages.

And no, I don’t mean a generic landing page in which a landing page is selling all your services, or all your products. Yeah sure you already know that you need to get specific and only sell one product or one service.

But here’s what I mean by generic landing pages. Even if your selling one product or one service keep in mind, every single traffic source is different.

By adapting your landing page to the traffic source you’ll find that you use conversions a lot more. And the way that you do this is: put your mind inside the traffic source.

When you’re on Google you’re doing a search. You’re looking for solutions to your problem. You’re problem is typically whatever keyword you typed in on the search box. On Facebook, you’re browsing and looking at pictures of your friends.

The third flaw is: Distractions.

We’re in a world where there’s a lot of ADD, we have attention spans of less than a goldfish, which you guys already know now.

By being very specific with where you’re focusing a users attention, you’re going to be better off.

And this is important because a lot of people are also starting to do things like on their site, doing chat, they’re also doing popups, they’re also doing quizzes, so they have a landing page with all these things.

The fourth flaw is a visual disconnect.

If you have an ad that’s promising something, and you don’t deliver on that promise in the landing page, its not going to work.

The simplest example of this flaw is someone doing a Google search. If someone typed in ‘Apple MacBook’ and hypothetically you were bidding on that term and they went to your landing page, but you didn’t have the term ‘Apple MacBook’ on there, or you didn’t have a picture of an Apple MacBook, what do you think is going to happen?

You conversions are going to tank.

The fifth one, is a bad mobile experience.

Did you know that the majority of searches on Google now happen on over mobile phone?

That’s right, they’re not happening from the laptop, they’re not happening from a tablet, they’re happening from a mobile device. That thing that’s in your pocket 24/7.

It’s on you more than your laptop or a desktop computer is, hence, the more people use it for search.

The sixth flaw, is not addressing buyer concerns.

There could be, ‘Hey what if I don’t like this product or service, is there a money back guarantee? Is there a free trial?’

Assuming this is a software as a service company. ‘What do other people think about this product? Do you have reviews on those pages? How does a product or service look? Do you have video testimonials or case studies?’

All these things are objections and concerns, if you can answer them within your landing page, you’re more likely to convert.

If you don’t answer someones’ objections and concerns, what do you think is going to happen? They’re going to bounce away, they’re not going to convert.

If you’re not sure what people’s objections are, you can always use survey tools, like HotJar or SurveyMonkey, to figure out what people’s objections are or concerns are, and you can address them within your content.

Last but not least, number 7, you’re making the landing page too complicated.

What I mean by that is, I’m not talking about length, I’m not talking about, oh, do you have too many images or videos, I’m talking about the process.

If you’re a lead form, do you have 50 form fields? Well if you have 50 form fields, you’re going to lose most people. If you’re a checkout process for an eCommerce page, how may form fields do you really need?

00:00 – Introduction
00:37 Flaw 1 – Load Time
01:57 Flaw 2 – Generic Landing pages
04:07 Flaw 3 – Distractions
05:17 Flaw 4 – Visual Disconnect
06:03 Flaw 5 – Bad Mobile experience
06:55 Flaw 6 – Not addressing buyer concerns
07:58 Flaw 7 – Don´r make your landing page too complicated

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By: Neil Patel
Title: 7 Landing Page Flaws That’ll Kill Your Conversions | Landing Page Creation Tips
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