7 Effective Tips for Presenting Data at Work!

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Apparently you lose all credibility by using Pie Charts 🥧, so in this video, I share 7 Data Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Presentations to colleagues, managers, and senior leadership!

One of the most important skills to build in the workplace is to present data in an effective way. Data by itself is useless, it’s how you interpret and how you present that data that will separate you from your peers. Data Visualization often means creating graphs and charts that tell a compelling story – a story that captures the audience’s attention and makes them want to take action.

One of my favorite data storytelling tips is to use color purposeful to highlight one or two important elements in your slide. Our brains are wired to recognize patterns so colors are great to focusing our audience’s attention. Furthermore, waterfall charts (waterfall graphs) are amazing at showing how two numbers relate to one another. This type of graph is used by many consulting firms (most notably by McKinsey Consultants).

Comparison graphs are also great at bringing the data to life: What would happen if Option B happened instead of Option B? And can we put a number to the difference?

00:00 Why Data Storytelling Matters
00:45 Never Present a Single Number
01:37 Highlight 1 Focal Point
02:35 Use Colors
03:32 Use Consistent Formatting
04:03 When to use Comparison Charts
04:48 Use Appropriate Chart Types
06:06 Use Stickers to Protect Yourself

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By: Jeff Su
Title: 7 Effective Tips for Presenting Data at Work!
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jizZKNnx9wA

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