3 Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together This Holiday Season (with Storytelling!)

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Do you want to bring your family closer together this holiday season? Of course you do! Well, this year, I have a suggestion that you may not expect – no, it’s not gift-giving or planning a vacation. Instead, I would like to talk about how storytelling can help you to build better relationships with the people who really matter in your life.

For several years we were not able to see our families in person over the holidays. Now hopefully we are able to connect in person and share what I think is important. Our stories. Storytelling has always been a way to connect and communicate values and family history. But now in our busy lives, we don’t make the time.

We often find when we lose someone that precious questions were never asked and that we regret never having taken the time to ask them. In this video, I share how storytelling in families can help to honor the present, appreciate the past, and plan for the future. It’s also a way to be grateful for our blessings, both personally and spiritually.

In the video, I mention some ways that storytelling can be integrated into a holiday meal or chat in the living room using question cards or just simply curious conversation. Also perhaps using a legacy planner that offers a series of curated questions to set a framework for storytelling that can stimulate conversation.

Here is a link to one I put together.

How are you planning to spend the holidays? Will storytelling be part of your celebration this year? Have you told your life stories to your children and grandchildren? Which stories do you select to tell? Have you written your stories for the generations after you? Let’s have a chat!

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Title: 3 Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together This Holiday Season (with Storytelling!)
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