3 Mistakes That Ruin First Impressions

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3 Mistakes That Butcher First Impressions

You might be butchering your first impressions without even realizing it. Not cause you’re a self-absorbed jerk, but because a lot of the most well-intentioned advice you’ve received is incomplete. And if you don’t understand the fine points of when that advice applies and when it doesn’t you might miss out on hitting it off with your next close friend, business partner, or even boyfriend or girlfriend.

So I want to shed some light on 3 common first impressions mistakes I see that all stem from good advice gone wrong.

1) Thinking that harmony “getting along” and not causing waves is the most important thing
2) Avoiding disagreements and focusing only on commonalities
3) Thinking “fake it til you make it” applies beyond non-verbal communication

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By: Charisma on Command
Title: 3 Mistakes That Ruin First Impressions
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=F08qtHtrXI8

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