109: Admitting You Have Bad Taste

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The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one — and you do: You’ve got bad taste. Inspired by That One Review which accuses SASF of being overly arrogant in subjective areas, Brian asks Nate how many bad takes are just because a person has bad taste. (We won’t spoil the answer for you.) The guys discuss how to fix bad taste, and this begins with NOT treating your own preferences as the standard. To treat yourself as the judge, W.H. Auden argues, is to have the artistic judgment of a child. The solution to bad taste begins with zealously copying the biggest Creator in everything he does. And until you make that commitment, your own artistic judgments are always going to feel lackluster and uninspired. Furthermore, then you can actually KNOW what God thinks of a piece of art. Unfortunately, its these sorts of objective claims about subjective art that make people mad at SASF. So, in retaliation, please send a review that will make Nate cry (with cheerfulness, or anger). Also the next LAMPC pick is “Jesus Revolution.”

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By: Stories Are Soul Food
Title: 109: Admitting You Have Bad Taste
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