YOU ARE MISSING 25% of Your Website Traffic in Google Analytics! Here is why…

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In this video, I will explain why you are missing up to 25% of your website traffic in Google analytics. And other web analytics tools.

The biggest reason you are missing traffic in GA is ad blockers. Because most of them also block Google analytics code from loading. That prevents tracking on your website.
And the other reason is something called Intelligent Tracking Prevention or ITP, and in summary, it’s your browser blocking cookies and some scripts.

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Blocker detector plugin:

If you use shared web hosting and you have cPanel, you can check the actual visitors to your server. But keep in mind that this also shows robots visiting your website, like Google bot when it crawls your website. Let me show you how to check this.

Now to avoid ad blockers completely, but still, keep the same quality of data as before you need to consider server-side tracking.

In a nutshell, Server-side tracking just means that your server does the tracking instead of sending the data to a third party like google with Javascript.

Now your server might forward the data to Google, but the visitor’s browser will not know about this.

Now you could code everything from scratch, but luckily there are few solutions out there.

For example, server-side Google tag manager is perfect if you are an advanced Google tag manager user. Or you can sign up for services like dataeldorado or tracedock.

With these services, after initial setup, they will do everything for you. But you have less control. In terms of price, they differ a bit, so it really depends on the number of monthly visitors.

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Title: YOU ARE MISSING 25% of Your Website Traffic in Google Analytics! Here is why…
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