Why the World Needs Creator Anthropologists

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In this video, anthropologist and creator Matt Artz discusses the current state of anthropology and the need for increased visibility and credibility of the discipline. He acknowledges that anthropology is falling behind other disciplines like economics and psychology and proposes a potential path forward – leveraging the techniques of digital content marketing.

Artz argues that by creating blogs, podcasts, videos, or other forms of digital content geared toward a broader audience, anthropologists can engage in the social exchange of knowledge and increase their reach and consumption of content. He emphasizes the importance of exchanging free content to build a relationship with the public and proposes a challenge for every anthropologist to set yearly goals for contributing to a discipline-wide content marketing strategy.

Artz believes that if every anthropologist partakes in content marketing, we can catch up to our peers and substantially increase our visibility and credibility. He concludes by asking everyone to join him and become a “creator anthropologist” and amplifying the work of other anthropologists on social media to get meaningful content in front of as many non-anthropologists as possible.

By: Matt Artz
Title: Why the World Needs Creator Anthropologists
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5ypNTgKL0M

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