Why am I making videos about becoming “White'”?

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I asked myself this week, WHY?
Why am I making videos about how Italians became white, how the Irish became white, and focusing now on the American story?

Inspired by the timeless words of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” I embarked on a quest to unravel the hidden narratives and untold truths that shaped my existence. Scout Finch’s powerful words, “I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks,” resonated deep within me, challenging me to see beyond the surface and embrace empathy. As I navigated the labyrinth of history, I couldn’t escape the weight of the stakes involved. This remarkable odyssey has already transformed me in ways I never could have anticipated, challenging my perceptions, expanding my understanding of the world, and igniting a passion to challenge the status quo and foster empathy. Let’s keep telling great stories together.

The documentary- series “Finding Lola” is done, but is the journey over?

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Come join me on a new docu-series that explores identity, racial tensions in the South during the 20th century, and the unique experiences of those who historically called Louisiana home.
My name is Danielle Romero, and all my life, I have romanticized Louisiana.
Growing up in New York, it represented a place where I could step back the sepia-toned life of my great grandmother, Lola Perot, who died before I was born.
Now, it was time to go back to Louisiana–although I had no idea what the truth would be or what questions to ask—who was Lola really? Who were we?

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Title: Why am I making videos about becoming “White””?
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