What to ask your interviewer at the end of a UXR interview?

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00:00 Intro & 5 tips
00:58 Don’t prepare too much
01:25 Customize your questions per interviewer
01:47 Ask these questions to create synergy!
02:42 DO NOT ASK this question
04:08 ALSO DO NOT DO this
06:25 Questions to ask UXRs
08:06 Questions to ask the hiring manager
10:44 Questions to ask PMs
11:26 Questions to ask UX Designers
12:16 Questions to ask Data Scientists (or quant UXRs)

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» A good overview of UXR (mostly Qual):
» UXR stakeholder management: It’s Our Research:
» UXR methods handbook:
» UXR product sense:
» Writing effective surveys:
» Quant UXR:
» About field study and ethnography:
» An easy-to-read intro to stats: The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

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By: aonatalks
Title: What to ask your interviewer at the end of a UXR interview?
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