What Is Information Architecture? (UX Design Guide)

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Information architecture is vital when creating a good user experience! But what exactly is it? And how does it shape the digital world around us? Maureen Herben, a UX designer and CareerFoundry graduate, is here to tell you all about it!

In this video, Maureen will give you an introduction to information architecture, as well as detailing the three key components to good information architecture: the user, the content, and the context.

If you want a deeper dive into information architecture, check out our highly detailed blog article on the topic, here:

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Maureen Herben is a UX designer at Zalando, and a CareerFoundry UX design graduate. You can follow her content on all things UX, design thinking, workshops, and more at:

In this video, we’ll highlight the following key areas relating to information architecture:

00:00 Introduction
00:50 An Introduction to the topic of information architecture
01:32 The focus of information architecture
02:42 Introducing ‘Mental Models’
05:25 What is cognitive load?
09:38 How do you structure information
13:32 The context is key!
16:10 Closing outro

Want to see more about information architecture? Let us know what we can cover in future videos in the comments section!

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What Is Information Architecture? (2021)

By: CareerFoundry
Title: What Is Information Architecture? (UX Design Guide)
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