What is Growth Marketing? How to become a Growth Marketer

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To explain what is required from a growth marketer, we need to start with what growth marketing isn’t. Then go through the exciting concepts and mindset that need to be adopted to become a growth marketer.

In this video, Growth Marketing Trainer Alain tells you what a Growth Marketer is not and then what a Growth Marketer is so that you can begin to adopt this role’s innovative way of thinking in your work.

And unlock growth like a growth marketer. Plus, there will be plenty of tips and tools to take away and use as always.


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1) Just Social Media Marketing

It is essential for a growth marketer to have some sort of knowledge in different fields of online marketing, including social media marketing! But that is not all it is about.

2) Trying Stuff Out

To become a growth marketer, you need to rely on a structured way of thinking and executing.

3) A Magic Wand

Some of us might have a certain image of a growth hacker, you know that person who will find that quick and smart perfect solution to the problem in no time? Well, we can safely tell you that this is not the case.


1) Growth Marketers are T-Shaped

Simply put, one of the requirements to become a growth marketer is to be an expert in one or two fields

But it would also be very “nice to have” a decent knowledge of how every other field works. And if you draw that out, it looks like a T. Hence the T-shape name.

2) Growth Marketers Are Always Up-To-Date:

With all the things that are going on in the digital age nowadays, it can become a challenging task to stay in the know. Yet, by knowing what’s going on in the digital world, you’ll know the important skills that you’re going to need to improve.

3) Growth Marketers Are Experienced

We are definitely not saying that you need 5-10, or 20 years of work experience to become a growth marketer. If you ask us what “Experience” is, we’ll tell you that it’s executing something (usually a project) and then learning from it, so you can execute better next time.

Popular Concepts Used by Growth Marketers:

1) Experimenting:

Experiments are a vital part of growth in almost every area of life. They keep us honest, help us learn faster, and push us to improve our abilities.

2) Personas / The Pirate Funnel / JTBD / GROWS

No matter how experienced we get in Growth Marketing, the fundamentals are something that we’ll always refer back to.

3) Stakeholder Alignment

Every member in the growth team has their own tasks to do for sure, but it’s really important that the whole team and company are aligned.

The Growth Marketer Mindset:

1) It’s all about Data.
2) Test Fast 🚀 Fix Later!
3) Embrace the Fails (Always be Learning)

That’s it! We hope this video will give you a clearer view on what is expected from a growth marketer.

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