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In this video, Ranbir, Co-founder and CEO of oneday, will to guide you through the Consumer Digital business category, including the types of skills and top business ideas that will support your business launch.

As a business, Consumer Digital products are online or app-based tools that cater to specific needs of a particular niche of consumers. Popular examples of this business type in the wellness space are Classpass or Betterhelp, which require a subscription to connect users to fitness classes and mental health professionals. Consumer digital businesses are very attractive for VC funds, so fundraising can come much more easily.

To know more about What is Consumer Physical, check this video:
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⏰ TimeStamps ⏰
0:00 What is a Consumer Digital business?
0:35 What are the necessary skills?
1:17 Necessary characteristics
1:55 Inspirational business in consumer digital
2:26 What makes consumer digital interesting?
3:00 Tips on getting started
3:35 Challenges of consumer physical
4:09 Possible futures

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By: Oneday
Title: What is Consumer Digital Businesses? | Consumer Digital Storytelling
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