What is a good conversion rate on Amazon? #amazonfba #amazonsellertips #conversionrateoptimization

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I happen to know some folks raking in $5m+ per year on their Shopify stores. They’re stone cold professionals.

But they’re hiding something.​​
Do you know what they consider a “good” conversion rate on cold traffic to their store?

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They’ll be over the moon if they convert folks at like…​


Yes: if 100 people visit their site, maybe 3 people buy their stuff. And that’s a good day.

This actually makes sense to me. Because think about how much it takes to convince a stranger to buy from a Shopify store:

(1) Click an ad (e.g. an Instagram ad)
(2) Move off ​Instagram to browse products (travel from one platform to another)
(3) ​See/read product page; browse website
​(4) Trust this new website enough to enter your credit card details
(5) Follow through to purchase​​​​​​

​^ what in the flying FBA is all this?!

​It violates the first rule of ecommerce: “friction is bad”. ​​​​​​​​​​The harder it is for people to do something, the fewer people will do that thing. This shopping experience isn’t easy, per se.

Let’s compare this to the Amazon shopping experience​​.

​​Then we’ll talk conversion rates.

​​Amazon’s experience goes like this:

(1) Click an Amazon ad
(2) Staying on Amazon, you move to the product listing
(3) See/read product listing
(4) You trust Amazon already
(5) 1-Click Order Prime purchase

​Dead simple 💀

​​1 straight line.

No jumping from site to site.

​​No “trust building” exercises.

For this reason, a good conversion rate on Amazon is at least 10%. MINIMUM! And I don’t consider that truly good.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ We work in about 200 accounts every month running ads on behalf of sellers, so I’ve seen a ton of conversion rates.

Here’s my chart:

0-5%: we have a problem (or what you’re selling is very niche/expensive)
5-10%: improvement needed​, but on the right track
10%: average
20%: healthy
30%: great
40%: throw a party, erect a statue in your honor in closest town square​​​​​

Note: if you’re wondering where to find your conversion rate for a SKU, I made a 29 second video on it here: Technically, the metric I use is called Unit Session Percentage.

You might be wondering: “OK Pat, but why are you so obsessed with conversion rates?”

​Because it makes your life SO much easier. If you can convince 3/10 people to buy instead of 1/10, that means:

– you 3x your profit
– your ad spend is 3x cheaper​
– Amazon’s ranking algo factors in conversions​​​​​​​​​
​- both your organic and paid traffic converts 3x more (it’s not just about paid)
If you want a second pair of eyes on your Amazon listings, we’ve seen hundreds. And would be happy to give you an unbiased second opinion. From this conversation one of two things will happen:

(1) We can’t help you because you’re doing so well already, or
(2) We make suggestions that could potentially make you more money​​​​. And improve the listings for the rest of their lives
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By: Pat Lum
Title: What is a good conversion rate on Amazon? #amazonfba #amazonsellertips #conversionrateoptimization
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