What Creates Inspiration for Insta | Instagram marketing Course | Online Earning Part-5

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Alright, welcome back, this is Video #5, and let’s talk about What Creates Inspiration, so that you can inspire people, you can help people get ideas.

So once you have an idea of how you want to go about creating your brand, creating your identity and creating that lifestyle per say, we need to take a closer look at what really inspires people to follow you and become your fan. Now, remember, people come to Instagram to get ideas to bring back to either use practically, go buy something or inspiration to add to their own identity, to their lifestyle or whatever.

So the question bags is what inspires people, or more specifically what inspires the people that you are trying to attract? So your lifestyle of course or in other words need to be a true honest life. What I mean by that? What I mean is that people need to see that you are truly living this lifestyle. Now, it might be a little hard if you are selling a product, like an affiliate product that you have no lifestyle in. So let’s say for example I am trying to sell a scuba diver lifestyle but yet I am not anything related to a scuba diver. So in this case I had to go and read more about scuba diving, I have to kind of indwell in it to the point that I get a better idea of what makes people mad, what keeps people awake at night, going to go buy something and all that. So what I might do is I might go to another Instagram profile and take a look at it, one that has a good following and get a better idea of what that lifestyle would look like. I would even maybe go on upwork.com and try to find somebody who might be a scuba diver, who loves that area, who is passionate about that area and maybe I might try to partner with them, alright? Or I might go and try to find a scuba diver expert and get a better idea, maybe spend a day or two with them and get a better idea of all that. And the reason being is it’s just a faster tracking of your success. You might be thinking well that takes time — yeah, of course, because building a real business takes time and I am not going to sit here and say that you are going to make lots of money on Instagram really, really fast because any business, it does take time.

But really what you are trying to do is trying to figure out how does a scuba diver think and then write down what inspires them, look at the images maybe that get the highest likes, get the highest comments and write those down. You don’t need to copy them, you don’t need to plagiarize, but you can just write them down, get a better idea and use a program which we will talk about later on to create beautiful looking graphics that cater to that group to create inspiration, alright?

So they want to know you are real, so you can’t really fake real, right? You have to — that’s why I say you have to find somebody who is either super passionate that you can partner with and do it from there. Now for those of you who are, you know, selling your own product and service that’s easy, you already live the life, so that’s easy to create a lifestyle, but those are two different routes that you can take.

So what inspires people? Well let’s talk about getstencil.com. Getstencil.com is a really cool awesome web application that you can use to create really good looking images. So you can create really good looking memes, you can take, you know, the research that you did previously and jot them down, jot the quotes down, find the quotes, utilize the quotes, but use getstencil.com to recreate that quote, recreate that beautiful esthetically pleasing photo, right? You can use famous quotes that are inspirational to your niche and all that. But getstencil.com is just one of many sites. I believe there is canva.com, canve.com, and there are a lot of other similar tools like that that will allow you to create beautiful looking pictures.

So this is how you can sell indirectly. You are not really selling, you are just showing people your lifestyle, the things that you use, the things that you don’t like to use, you are basically building a brand and a lifestyle for people to follow. And eventually, you know, people will follow you to the point, like I said, they like to follow their favorite celebrities, their favorite people, their favorite brands.

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Title: What Creates Inspiration for Insta | Instagram marketing Course | Online Earning Part-5
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