Website Conversion Rate Optimization Secrets w/ Jon MacDonald

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Welcome back to another episode of the Brand Builder Show!

This week we’re joined by Jon MacDonald, founder of leading Conversion Rate Optimization agency The Good.

In this episode we discussed what Jon has learnt about consumer behaviour and conversion rate growth from working with international brands like Adobe, Xerox, The Telegraph and The Economist.

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00:00 Introducing Jon
03:23 Roles in a CRO agency
07:45 Improving conversion rate
11:05 Common failings of new clients
15:43 Advice on navigational menu
18:45 Gaining customer’s trust
23:00 CRO checklist
25:20 Starting an Ecommerce site
31:30 Site testing from customer’s view

By: Brand Builder University
Title: Website Conversion Rate Optimization Secrets w/ Jon MacDonald
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