Using Logos 10 Bible Software for Academic Research

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How to use Logos 10 Bible Software for your Academic Research?

Logos Bible Software is the best software in the world to personally assist you in researching God’s Word. With the launch of Logos 10 in October 2022, the software got even better.

In this video, I show you how to leverage Logos Bible Software (Logos 10) for your Academic Research, using Psalm 82 as a case study.

Logos is here to help you do your research from scratch all the way through delivering a sermon. Enjoy this video as I demonstrate the most important NEW FEATURES of Logos 10 while doing my research on Psalm 82.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:36 – Feature #1: Multiple Panels on Tablet
01:36 – Feature #2: Draw on Screen
05:25 – Feature #3: Factbook Tags
06:46 – Feature #4: Improved Selection Menu on Tablet
07:26 – Feature #5: Canvas on iPad
08:02 – Feature #6: Vertical Toolbar
09:32 – Feature #7: Improved Favorites Tool
12:22 – Feature #8: Search Print Books
15:08 – Feature #9: Auto Translate
17:39 – Feature #10: Simplified Searching
22:53 – Feature #11: Sermon Manager on Mobile + Import Sermons
23:34 – Feature #12: Popular Quotes

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Resources that are referenced in this video:
– Logos 10 Diamond & Portfolio:
– Nabeel Qureshi, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus:
– Nabeel Qureshi, Answering Jihad:

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By: Michel Pauw
Title: Using Logos 10 Bible Software for Academic Research
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