Upclose with Rajarshi Nandy: Hindu Dharma, Tantra, Devatas, Pashubali & Clash of Civilisations

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Rajarshi Nandy is an author, speaker, scholar and tantra practitioner who is committed to rectifying the negative stereotypes and colonial era prejudices about Tantra and Hindu Dharma even among Hindus themselves. In this episode of Upclose, he speaks with Ashish Dhar on his book (Adhyatmikta), the infallibility of Shastras (scriptures), the authority of the Guru, Pashu Bali, the clash of civilisations and much more.

0:00 – Introduction
1:26 – About Rajarshi’s book ‘Adhyatmikta’
5:34 – The place of shāstra in the Hindu religion
11:51 – Who is a sādhaka?
19:16 – Sadhana is for everyone
26:58 – Devatas and their Ganas (attendants)
36:30 – How does an ordinary Hindu start doing sadhana?
47:38 – What is adhikāra and why it matters?
54:46 – Deeksha (initiation) and adhikāra
01:07:55 – Effect of colonial history on Tantra
01:26:00 – Various Durga puja kramas
01:32:23 – The culture of studying texts is extremely important
01:36:38 – Esoteric practices are now open for public comment
01:42:20 – Who is a Hindu?
01:48:49 – Sampradayas come from Shāstras (scriptures)
01:56:22 – Response to common criticisms of pashubali
02:34:55 – About Mantras and their effects
02:45:00 – Deity worship and civilisation
02:52:25 – Rajarshi’s upcoming works

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Title: Upclose with Rajarshi Nandy: Hindu Dharma, Tantra, Devatas, Pashubali & Clash of Civilisations
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