Understand Digital Marketing Analytics For Your Business | Adam Erhart

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Understand Digital Marketing Analytics For Your Business | Adam Erhart
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The key to making a lot of money with digital marketing is knowing your numbers. And the flip side is also true in that the key to losing a lot of money is NOT knowing your numbers. So you need to know your numbers.

But when it comes to digital marketing there are a whole lot of numbers, metrics, and analytics to look at, so where should you even start? Which ones are important and which can you ignore? And What are the metrics that are going to drive the most revenue and profit for your business.

That’s what this video is all about.

I never really like math or thought I was very good at it.

That was until I saw it’s power and how it related to marketing.

It enabled me to build magic money making machines where I could put in $1 and get $2, $5, $10 sometimes even a whole lot more back out.

Not because of wizardry, or the dark arts…

Just because of simple math.

When I’ve followed these rules and let my numbers guide me, my campaigns have delivered great results.

And when I’ve ignored them, or thought I was too cool for school, well, I’ve lost a whole lot of money.

My worst mistake of all was I once built a really profitable funnel, but didn’t know it was profitable because I wasn’t tracking my numbers, so I shut it off, and was never able to fully reboot it again to the same level. Lesson learned.

So with all that said, it’s time to dive in to the video “Understand Digital Marketing Analytics For Your Business”

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By: Adam Erhart
Title: Understand Digital Marketing Analytics For Your Business | Adam Erhart
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