The Sony ZV-1 still goes hard tho… // My Storytelling Set-up Pt 2 of 3

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My storytelling set-up // Part 2 of 3

When I’m ready to have more creative control (even though you can have a lot of control with an iPhone), I grab my Sony ZV-1. Do not sleep on the good ol’ point and shoot camera because this one is a BEAST. A lot of times it’s about having equipment that makes you ✨want✨ to go out and capture something and tell your story, not equipment that makes you ✨look✨ expensive.

I love this camera because it films 4k, native vertically (great for this platform), and can be controlled via bluetooth from your phone. You can also send everything you film easily to your phone for posting or editing.

It’s got a builtin/digital ND filter, that’s basically 🕶️ for your lens so you can have a lower F stop and get that shallow depth of field even outside on a bright sunny day.

Also, straight out the box, the auto features on this camera are stellar. So, whether you know a lil something something about filmmaking or you’re growing into the role this camera can work with you and grow with you.

Whenever I’m traveling and I want more creative control, or if I’m vlogging out and about in the world in general I bring this camera. It fits in my crossbody and again its non-filmmaker proof. I can switch it to auto, and hand it off to a stranger to take the photo after I spend a minute telling them exactly how I want my framing of course 😉

There are a TON of great tutorials for this camera, and it has SO MANY features I can’t list them all in one post but if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck check out the Sony ZV-1. There’s a reason why I gave 2 of these away during my giveaway this year 😎. It’s just solid.

Tomorrow, I’ll show y’all the high-end set up, and that video will have been shot on my Sony ZV1 as well so you can compare the footage to the other videos in this series (which are shot on my Sony FX3). Also, if you’re interested in anything I’ve mentioned Lincoln May Bye-oh!


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By: Hallease
Title: The Sony ZV-1 still goes hard tho… // My Storytelling Set-up Pt 2 of 3
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