The Solopreneur: He Makes $1.7M With 0 Employees

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In this episode, Justin Welsh meets me in downtown New York city to show me exactly how he’s built a one person business to over $1.7M/year. He shares his content strategy, tools he uses, daily routine, and some A1 advice for beginner entrepreneurs looking to start a solo business. Enjoy!

0:00 – Intro
0:59 – How he makes money
1:55 – Revenue
2:05 – How to become a solopreneur
3:18 – When he left his 9-5
5:01 – Costs to run a one-person business
6:06 – Content Marketing Strategy
7:54 – How to find ideas for content
8:57 – Daily routine as a solopreneur
10:16 – The fastest way to learn and grow
11:14 – Advice for new solopreneurs

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By: Starter Story
Title: The Solopreneur: He Makes $1.7M With 0 Employees
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