The Secret to DOUBLING Your Conversion Rates (& Growing Faster!)

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Today we had an amazing guest on our podcast – Aleks Gollu, the CEO and co-founder of 11Sight. We discussed how important it is for businesses today to create engaging experiences around customer contact points as prospects expect higher engagement levels than ever before. We also learned how his technology is revolutionizing the sales process for companies around the world.

Aleks’s innovative tool allows customers to video chat live with a sales rep, which greatly increases the speed to lead in today’s rapidly evolving market. He also shared some data showing how this new tool can significantly improve conversion rates, as well as tactics and strategies that businesses should consider when it comes to creating awareness.

We are always looking for ways to improve inbound buying experiences and Aleks provided great insights into why speed matters in the sales process. With 11Sight, customers have access to real-time communication with a sales rep, which leads to a better understanding of customer needs and enables faster decision-making.

This is an excellent episode packed with valuable insights from one of the strategic minds behind 11Sight’s success! It’s a must-listen if you’re interested in how you can use this innovative technology to boost the performance of your business.

Tune in!

00:00 Intro

01:40 Meet Aleks Gollu! 11Sight and his previous businesses

08:05 Why speed matters in the sales process

10:20 11Sight and the problems it solves

15:29 How important is the first customer contact?

17:57 Video calls in the buying process: trends and prospects’ expectations

20:19 Conversion rates and different contact options

24:25 Industries that adopt tools like 11Sight

26:40 Tactics & strategies for creating awareness

31:20 Speed to lead in today’s market

38:08 Outro

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Title: The Secret to DOUBLING Your Conversion Rates (& Growing Faster!)
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