The Rise Of The Value Creator (A Career Path For Polymaths & Self-Improvers)

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If you want to become a creator or start a one-person business (but don’t want to show your body, start drama, or work for other businesses) then becoming a value creator is for you. It works perfect for polymaths (people with multiple interests) and those that love self-improvement or learning. Your job is to become an expert by gaining a holistic view of your interests, then distribute the value you create with social media.

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0:00 Work Is Changing
4:25 Earn With Your Mind
11:19 The Value Creator
15:44 Choose An Obsession
17:12 Research From All Angles
18:58 Note Down Ideas
23:40 Choose A Media Platform
28:54 Learn To Capture Attention
32:07 Treat Yourself As Your Ideal Reader
34:56 Prioritize Depth And Clarity

Video title ideas (for the algo!):
The best career path for polymaths, learners, and self-improvers
How to join the creator economy by studying your interests
The best style of one-person business
How to turn your interests, obsessions, or ideas into income

By: Dan Koe
Title: The Rise Of The Value Creator (A Career Path For Polymaths & Self-Improvers)
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