The Magic bus: No Engine, No Road, How did it get there?

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Ever wonder how Alexander Supertramp’s Magic Bus ended up in the Alaskan wilderness? Me too, so I found out. The story of how this old 1947 International Harvester K5 made it way out into the wild without an engine is fascinating. In this video we’ll talk through the Bus’ history, it’s time leading up to, during & after being Mr. Supertramp’s humble home & how it is today.

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0:00 Intro
1:16 Athletic Greens
2:58 Into The Wild
4:40 Bus 142 Early life
5:15 Yutan Construction Company
6:36 The Fateful Broken Axle
7:00 Abandoned for decades
7:30 Alexander Supertramp’s Stay
10:25 After Into the Wild
11:45 Operation Yutan
12:13 The Magic Bus’ future
13:30 The Other Magic Bus
14:11 Outro

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By: Project Amber
Title: The Magic bus: No Engine, No Road, How did it get there?
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