The key to creating CONTENT that attracts your ideal clients | Jason Goldberg

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In this episode of The Business of Coaching, host Ajit Nawalkha and master coach Jason Goldberg talk about the power of content creation, how it is changing the coaching world and why you should start using content to grow your coaching business.

00:00 Reason Why Coaches Avoid Content Creation
07:20 Choosing Vanity vs Transformation
14:35 How Content Can Attract Clients
18:54 Ego vs Service
27:50 How To Tap Into Your Creativity
31:06 How To Create Powerful Content
42:06 How Content Translates Into Income
49:23 Hack To Create Content Topics

If you’re ready to get started, watch this video next where we break down the 9-step framework to create your coaching program from start to finish:

Jason Goldberg is a geek, turned entrepreneur, turned international and transformational speaker, trainer, coach, best-selling author of Prison Break, and host. He is an Evercoach author and has coached hundreds of individuals and groups to shift their mindset, take creative action, become more prosperous, and have a bigger impact on the world.

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By: Coach Ajit x Evercoach
Title: The key to creating CONTENT that attracts your ideal clients | Jason Goldberg
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