The Copy That! Ask Us Anything! (A.M.A.) | May 2023

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Three successful copywriters sat down to answer YOUR most burning questions about copywriting. Whether you’re at the absolute start of your journey and wondering where to begin… or have a technical question to ask, come and get some real concrete advice NOW from copywriters who have been there. We setting aside this time to give answers to the questions you need and want the most:

0:00 Intro
3:25 What is the best roadmap to become a copywriter this year?
9:23 Is it possible to get freelance copywriting jobs by the end of this year?
9:40 Someone claims they made $40k/month at his peak as a freelancer. Is this BS?
13:24 Is it hard to switch niches after you’ve already niched down?
17:10 What are some great current examples of “modern direct response” in action?
23:09 How long did it take you all to make your first dollar as a copywriter?
28:00 Do you follow up with people when they don’t respond to your emails? Can you sum up a good follow-up email?
31:38 Where and how do you practice copywriting and how long does it take you to be good at it?
33:52 How do you convince a team of marketing people who have more experience than you that they’re doing it wrong and your ideas are good?
41:50 I’m new to marketing, know nothing about copywriting. How do I develop copywriting skills to become better?
42:36 I’m closing a deal. How do I negotiate a profit split?
46:12 When there are tons of products with minimal differences, how does someone stand out on search engines?
48:40 After reading books and taking courses, how do I know if I have the necessary skills to be a copywriter? How do I prove myself?
51:04 If you want to make copywriting and marketing your career, which is the best way to start? Intern, agency, or freelancer?
57:00 Should someone from a small town or country start freelance?
58:01 Do you have any tips for finding the right contact info for businesses?
59:00 How good at grammar should a copywriter be? Do they develop it on the fly?
1:01:45 I’m planning to start cold emailing clients next week. Any advice on effective strategy?
1:03:30 How do I elicit emotions through writing?
1:07:55 Do personality-driven emails work well for e-commerce businesses?
1:10:15 Can I make money from copywriting with my university?
1:12:50 What’s one question that you’re tired of answering?
1:23:10 What questions should I ask my client in order to write in their voice? How do I extract stories from my clients to write quality emails from them?
1:24:10 How do I reignite my passion and keep moving forward?
1:29:20 How do I position myself as a consultant instead of a copywriter?
1:31:50 Once we finish our first gig, how do we use that work as proof of our results?
1:34:35 What is your favorite part of the copywriting process?
1:45:00 Recently you’ve been posting about content marketing and SEO. Does copywriting no longer pay off?
1:46:15 Should I use an alias?
1:47:45 How long does it take for a small copywriter to take off on Youtube or a social media platform?
1:48:07 Is it possible to get an in-house position with little experience? How would someone go about doing it?
1:49:30 How do you get your first few clients on Upwork?
1:55:10 As a newbie, how do I avoid getting overwhelmed and stopping out of sheer anxiety?
1:57:20 What are the types of copy you can get paid to write as a freelancer? What types of copy have the best crossover benefits to other types of copy?

By: Copy That!
Title: The Copy That! Ask Us Anything! (A.M.A.) | May 2023
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