The Best Short Form Video Structure | Best TikTok Video Structure

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The Best Short Form Video Structure – The Best Tik Tok Video Structure

In this video, I want to show you the internet’s best short form video structure that you can use for your short form video your TikToks your Instagram Reels & Facebook Reels in 2023 and beyond.

I’ll break down the 4-steps of the best short form video structure and how you should film them as well as the advantages of filming in this format.

The first advantage of this structure is that it’s easy to film, even for beginners. And, every video you shot can lead to ten or more different videos.

This means that you can quickly iterate and test a variety of short form videos in different ways.

There is no ideal video length, but we recommend starting with shorter videos and working your way up. So, what is the best short form video structure?

Step 1: Have a Strong Scroll Stopping Hook. This could be anything that creates intrigue, mystery, or makes a bold statement. It could be controversial, curious, or simply something that grabs your audience’s attention.

Examples are (Detailed Hook explanation in the video):
– Practical Video Hook
– Mystery – Curiosity driven video hook
– Debunk Common Belief video hook
– Something Unexpected (Pattern Interrupt)
– Benefit or Desire based video hook
– Pain or Problem | Challenge or Frustration
– Credibility or Authority

Step 2: Make a Transition. Give some context to the hook and lead into the main part of the video. This helps your audience understand what the video is about and why they should keep watching.

Step 3: The Main Part of the Short form video. We like to use a value-based video, where we give actionable steps, a story, or delve into the desires and pains of our target audience. This is the part of the video where you can deliver real value to your audience.
Really go for actionable advice in a DO THIS & THIS & THAT format.

An optional step is to add a Call To Action (CTA). This could be something like “click the link below to download a PDF” or “watch this video to learn more about TikTok videos.” A CTA is a great way to get your audience to take action after watching your video but it will decrease your watchtime so use them carefully.
That’s why we don’t always recommend using CTA’s for the best short form video structure possible.

When shooting each part, be sure to shoot it multiple times until you get it right. This will give you the flexibility to move things around later and make changes if needed.

If you shoot multiple Hooks, Transitions & value sections…you have an infinite amount of short form videos you can create from that.

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Credits to Ryan Magin for inventing the basis for that structure.

By: Christoph Olivier
Title: The Best Short Form Video Structure | Best TikTok Video Structure
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