The AfricanTales presents World Storytelling Day 2023

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Celebrating the art of African Oral storytelling in IsiZulu
(South Africa), Wolof (Senegal), Garifuna (Belize), Kreole (Seychelles), Maasai (Kenya), Saamaka (Suriname), Portuguese (Brazil), Arabic (Tunisia)

Our Guest speakers:
– Ms Nene Gueye, Chief programme officer for African languages; CELHTO-
African Union, NIGER.
– Ms. Rogeria Oyatunbi, National Coordinator African Tales/Fashion Designer/ Aromatherapist, Brazil.
– Ms. Cynthia Ellis Topsey, Ambassador at large, Garifuna Nation, Belize.
– Mrs. Penda Choppy, Director; Creole Language and Culture Research Institute, University of Seychelles.
– Mr. Lindumuzi Mngoma, Creative Director, Ionian Music Society, South Africa.
– Ms. Peris Siamanta, Founder/CEO, Reading and writing Culture organisation, Kenya.
– Mr. Wilco Finisie, Project Manager, P2, The Netherlands.

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Title: The AfricanTales presents World Storytelling Day 2023
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