Surfer SEO And Jasper (Surfer SEO Content Editor Tutorial)

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Surfer SEO And Jasper Video
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00:00 Introduction
00:20 Jasper And Surfer SEO Integration
00:52 Creating New Document
01:12 Picking Your Keyword
02:06 Content Editor Overview
04:19 Jasper Article Outline
05:05 Jasper Paragraphs
09:35 Jasper Conclusion
11:50 Adding More Words
13:48 The Gamification Process
15:07 Closing Thoughts

Welcome to my Surfer SEO content editor tutorial, where I will be showing you how to write the article with Jasper and optimizing it with Surfer. Please keep in mind that the process is going to be the same when it comes to using the Surfer SEO content editor. The only difference is that you will need to write the article yourself (instead of having AI do it for you). The Surfer SEO editor is a fun time, and it almost feels like turning SEO into a video game (the higher the score the better)!

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Title: Surfer SEO And Jasper (Surfer SEO Content Editor Tutorial)
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