studying alone by candlelight [dark academia study music]

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You are alone with a cup of tea and a good book, studying by candlelight at midnight.

Inspiring music for studying, reading, and writing.

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00:00 Elegance Becomes Her
03:21 Contemplation
06:20 Helga’s Song
8:47 Muddy Meadows
11:28 Misericorde
14:48 Little Theatrics
17:30 Beyond Imagination
21:59 Antoinetta
24:28 Heart of the River Sun
26: 58 Transcend
29:37 Dark Taupe
32:14 Togetherless
36:03 The Joys and Sorrows of Life
38:49 The Forest Grand
41:30 Lanterns
44:50 By the Border
47:29 Felt Like November
50:26 In the Stillness
52:56 What Once Was
55:19 Hiro
57:57 By Candlelight

By: Reverie Films
Title: studying alone by candlelight [dark academia study music]
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