Real Talk, Real Learning and Real Earning on Vlogging @edcarSkyOfficials

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edcarSky™ All Programs Organic Tips & Techniques on how YouTube will recommend your videos?

The success of our YouTube Algorithm behind YouTube search and recommendations are driven by a range of metrics. We, as a creator, we need to influence these metrics in order us to win a spot in YouTube “Suggests and or Recommending our videos” in YouTube sphere.

How YouTube algorithm works for recommendations? YouTube tries to predict what a user would like to see next based on what they usually like to watch. It does not use connections from the social network just to recommend what to watch next. It recommends your video based on algorithm that focus on clicks, views, watch time, user surveys, shares, likes and dislikes and this matrix is driving your video to recommend for most people to come to watch your video.

That’s why edcarSky™ platforms had enough mechanisms in placed to ensure “All Programs” are safe and functioned properly. These programs are diligently developed to promote an organic reach, engagement and impressions to stay active; helping to increase audience and push channel to gain new position in YouTube research algorithm, recommendation engine, and to boost your analytics.

IS THIS LEGAL? YT terms do not forbid this and allow us to subscribe our channel to any other channels as we like.

WHY LOSING SUBS? Some channels violate rules (randomly chosen) YT doesn’t count fake accounts (ninjas), since your subs are real people only legit subs who watched video will include total subs’ s count


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CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION: You can cancel subscription at any time if not satisfied, availing this program is non-refundable. These applies in all payment which mean no returning fees since it was delivered and or underway

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Title: Real Talk, Real Learning and Real Earning on Vlogging @edcarSkyOfficials
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