QuickWrite – Serious AI for Authors – for a low one-time lifetime all-access fee

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QuickWrite is the futuristic, life-changing, research-doing, word-writing, magical tool that allows fiction authors to get their books written 10X faster. Visit: for my FULL review and deets on how to get this awesome app at a great price!

In this quick video, Susan shares her experience using QuickWrite versus ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Midjourney…

Susan shares her 40+ years of experience in the publishing business. Learn about AI for the average guy, building profitable websites, and how to self-publish eBooks and Paperbacks.

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Inspired by 3 Mind-Blowing AI Tools by Kevin Stratvert; How Will AI Change the World by TED-Ed; How to Publish a Book by Jerry Jenkins; How to Get Published by Alyssa Matesic; Surviving the Emotional Rollercoaster of YouTube by Video Creators; How I Edit & Film My Videos by Claudia Sulewski; 5 Best Free Video Editing Software by Kevin Stratvert; How to Self-Publish Your First Book by Gillian Perkins; How To Publish A Book On Amazon by thelifeofawriter; How to Write a Book by Jerry Jenkins

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Title: QuickWrite – Serious AI for Authors – for a low one-time lifetime all-access fee
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