Prithvi Madhukar on Marketing Strategy

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Does marketing scare you? Do you want to know where to start and get some content creation tips? Then check out this episode with Marketing Nomad Prithvi Madhukar.


Prithvi Madhukar joins Vicki Noethling on this episode of Find Your Leadership Confidence. Listen to her journey in starting her business and the importance of having a marketing plan. She will share tips about overcoming sales objections as well as getting your customer to understand your product.

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Prithvi Madhukar aka The Marketing Nomad has been a digital entrepreneur, and business owner for the past two years. She is also a podcaster (Top 100 in Marketing for India), a YouTube vlogger, an Etsy shop owner, a content creator, and a nano-influencer. Prithvi is a Marketing Strategy Consultant and the CEO of her own Marketing Consultancy firm, The Marketing Nomad LLC. She has successfully worked with 60+ clients from 8 different countries in the past year of her entrepreneurship journey. She started from scratch and built an online business that knows no borders and allows her to be a digital nomad. She also enjoys Bollywood dancing in her free time.

By: Find Your Leadership Confidence w/ Vicki Noethling
Title: Prithvi Madhukar on Marketing Strategy
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