New to Landing pages? Let’s get Smart and make one that Converts!

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If you are new to creating landing pages, this video is for you. Let’s dive into what makes a landing page different, the key to landing page success, how to build and landing page and how to make visitors convert.

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In this video, you’ll learn:
✓ What is a landing page
✓ How does a landing page work
✓ The difference between a website and a landing page
✓ Do you need a landing page
✓ Landing pages and sales funnels
✓ Types of landing pages
✓ Landing page examples
✓ The anatomy of a landing page
✓ Keys to an effective landing page
✓ How to optimize a landing page
✓ How to Create a landing page

I hope you enjoy these landing page tips!

If you have any questions about landing pages or how to get started with digital marketing – leave a comment!

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By: Torie Mathis
Title: New to Landing pages? Let”s get Smart and make one that Converts!
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