NEW Facebook Reels Update & How It Impacts Businesses

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You may choose what you want to see more or less of with the new personalization features Facebook is bringing to Reels. Stay tuned if you promote your business on Facebook!


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Facebook users are getting MORE control over which Reels are served to them in their feed. 

“Facebook is introducing new personalization controls for Reels that let you customize what you want to see more OR LESS OF.”

You want to make sure as a business owner, marketing on Facebook that YOUR reels are not the ones people are seeing less of. 

So let’s unpack the rest of this update and what business owners need to do as a result. 

Facebook said, “On Facebook you can discover people, content, and experiences that help you explore and grow in your interests. 

Reels also continue to become more social with people re-sharing reels across our apps more than 2 billion times every day, doubling over the last six months.

Today, we’re introducing new ways to discover short-form video that’s most relevant to you as well as new controls to help personalize your video experience on Facebook.”

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#3: 3 Tips to Get Users to Hit Show More on Your Reels (3:34)

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Title: NEW Facebook Reels Update & How It Impacts Businesses
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