Molecules I’ve Ingested Ep 4 – Ibogaine, Plant Medicine for Addictions, and a Hurricane of Veganism

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In this new Podcast called “Molecules I’ve Ingested” you should find something quite unexpected, hilarious, and educational. Each episode features a crazy story about different molecules I’ve tried, from legal to illegal. Mostly the latter. Anyway, episode 4 is: “Ibogaine, Plant Medicine for Addictions, and a Hurricane of Veganism”. This is the full story of my first Ibogaine ceremony with an amazing guide in Mexico. Enjoy!

Here are some notes from the episode:

– Ayahuasca and Hitler Episode:
– Kambo Episode:
– Ibogaine scientific paper on safety:
– Right of Passage Iboga Documentary (a focus on getting off substances and how traditional detox centers don’t work as well as Ibogaine):

Other notes from Trey that I may have forgotten to mention in the pod:

– Even though my “whole” experience was 7 days, as you will hear, the ibogaine treatment can get done in just one day. I believe more typical is 2-3 days.
– As of the time of writing this, it’s been almost a year since the ibogaine, and it still seems to be working its magic… no alcohol or any desire… of course, I still do enjoy the occasional psychedelics and other goodies! 🙂
– We are working on perhaps building a network of Ibogaine treatment facilities in New Zealand. Ibogaine is legal in NZ, and there will be a network of providers and people that provide quite a lot of needed healing in the area for those that want it.
– Oh, and be sure to check out the Machine Elf website if you want to see some of these visual meditations we’ve been building!
– I still think White Lotus is overrated.

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By: Trey Ratcliff
Title: Molecules I”ve Ingested Ep 4 – Ibogaine, Plant Medicine for Addictions, and a Hurricane of Veganism
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