Local SEO Basics – Link Building 101 For Local Business

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Local SEO Basics – Link Building 101 For Local Business
This video will cover the basic link types used for ranking your local business regardless of niche or marketing. These basics can be deployed into all SEO types just the quality of links and the velocity of links will change when moving into affiliate SEO or ecommerce.
Link Building :

this video will cover what certain link types are and how they are utilized and where you should be pointing them for your local SEO campaigns to get the best rankings. The backlinks that will be discussed in today’s video:
1. Local citations
2. Local press releases
3. Local branded Web 2.0 building
4.Paid citation sources
5. Niche specific directories
6. Guest post link building
7. Local guest post link building
8. Social network for local websites just to name a few.

If you have any questions related to local SEO Basics or if you have questions about building backlinks for your local business please feel free to go ahead and ask in the section below where I’m always happy to answer any and all local SEO questions to help your business grow online.

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Title: Local SEO Basics – Link Building 101 For Local Business
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