Leonard Dorlöchter, Co-founder of peaq – The Economy Of Things

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Leonard Dorlöchter is a serial entrepreneur and technologically driven executive. He is currently the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of peaq, a Web3 network that powers the Economy of Things (EoT).

Leonard Dorlöchter Interview Questions

1. Could you please start by telling us a little bit about your background?
2. What was your motivation from Business Informatics to product development?
3. Tell us about your use cases at Advanced Blockchain AG.
4. How did peaq get started? What is the story behind peaq’s foundation?
Mission, vision of peaq?
5. peaq states that “Machines exist in all four domains: land, sea, sky and space. peaq provides you with everything you need to build dApps for vehicles, robots and devices in any of these domains.” Could you describe more about these use cases?
6. peaq used to raise $6 Million in Funding from Fundamental Labs, HashKey, Delta VC, GSR, Cypher Capital and others to provide the digital infrastructure for the new machine economy. What do you think are the strengths/ significant features of peaq that attract that amount of investment?
7. What are the special challenges of your industry and how are you and your team working to solve them?
8. Could you share more about the “Economy of Things”? What is the connection between EoT and IoT?

Leonard Dorlöchter Biography

Leonard studied Business Informatics at the Technical University of Berlin. He, then, moved to a number of product development and project management positions, joining the founding teams of Advanced Blockchain AG and nakamo.to.

Leonard has built multiple organisations, teams, and products during his five years in the blockchain space. He operates at the intersection between business and engineering. He enjoys building disruptive products and ecosystems.

As a Web 3.0 executive, he is also associated with Sigma Squared Society, a non-profit organisation and global community of the world’s most ambitious founders under 26 that are selected for their impact-driven initiatives and their ability to transform broken industries.

About peaq
peaq enables people to build decentralised applications (dApps) for vehicles, robots, and devices, while empowering dApp builders and dApp users to govern and earn from machines providing goods and services to people and other machines.

peaq is the flagship project by EoT Labs an open-source development, incubation and deployment lab. ‍EoT Labs’s mission is to upgrade the Web2-based Internet of Things to the Web3-based Economy of Things, unleashing the full potential of vehicles, robots, and devices for the betterment of society. EoT Labs is providing grants for development of the ecosystem.

EoT Labs is a distributed team of entrepreneurs and engineers dedicated to leveraging Web3 to have a positive impact in the world, supported by a stellar advisory board of experienced professionals from some of the world’s leading Web2 companies.

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