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Learn English Through Stories Level 3
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Learn English Through Story & Stories

“WooEnglish” is an engaging platform for learning English at Level 3. It integrates the fascinating method of storytelling into language learning, thereby transforming it into an enjoyable process. With the help of its carefully curated “English Podcasts,” learners can dive deep into stories that not only entertain but also help enhance their English language skills. “Learn English Through Story” encapsulates the essence of this method, where each tale is a stepping stone towards mastery in English. Dive into the “Stories” to enrich your vocabulary, hone your listening skills, and become proficient in English.

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00:00 WooEnglish
00:10 Chapter 1: The Early Years
03:33 Chapter 2: A Love for Mathematics and Physics
07:35 Chapter 3: Struggles and Triumphs
11:50 Chapter 4: The Miracle Year
15:40 Chapter 5: Theory of Special Relativity
19:31 Chapter 6: A New World of Quantum Physics
23:24 Chapter 7: The General Theory of Relativity
27:20 Chapter 8: Einstein the Pacifist
31:10 Chapter 9: Life in the United States
35:12 Chapter 10: The Atomic Age
38:31 Chapter 11: Einstein’s Role in Civil Rights
44:57 Chapter 12: A Life of Fame and Controversy
44:59 Chapter 13: Einstein’s Philosophical Views
47:56 Chapter 14: The Final Years
50:35 Chapter 15: Einstein’s Legacy
53:22 Chapter 16: Remembering Einstein


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Title: Learn English Through Stories Level 3 🔥 | English Podcasts| Learn English Through Story | Stories
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