Kajabi: The Apple of course platforms?

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In this Kajabi review, I discuss with myself whether Kajabi is “the Apple of course platforms”. They claim the throne as one of the best course platforms with their dominance, ecosystem, and simple interface. Try it yourself:

0:00 Is Kajabi the best course platform?
Me, myself, and I discuss whether or not Kajabi dominates the course platform market in the same was as Apple dominates tech.

0:38 How Kajabi wins with website themes and templates
If you’re not a professional designer, you will appreciate the way Kajabi uses website themes and landing page templates to help you.

1:15 Simple course creation in Kajabi
You create a course by choosing a style (course, podcast, community, or coaching) and a template (online course, blank course, drip course, or membership).

2:43 What your students will see
What do the student dashboard, module overview, and lesson view look like? Design matters and Kajabi’s Momentum theme for products is the best.

3:36 Kajabi vs. Teachable vs. Thinkific
Kajabi is not the only course platform to offer all features needed to run an online business. So, why do I prefer Kajbi, and call it an “ecosystem”?

4:25 Kajabi review 2022: What’s in the box?
Let me give you a demo of the Dashboard, Products, Sales, Website, Marketing, Contacts, and Analytics. And, the new Podcast feature is awesome!

5:23 What does a Kajabi Community look like?
Give your students a chance to connect with you and other learners through a paid membership site. I’ll show you the few features you need to run one.

5:49 Kajabi Membership vs. Learnworlds vs. HiveBrite vs. Circle
Why does Kajabi’s community feature still rock, when the competing course platforms have many more features? And why choose a Kajabi Membership vs a Facebook group?

6:23 How to make money with Kajabi?
The Sales tab is where you manage coupons, pricing, payments, and affiliates. A core part of the system, because we want to make this sustainable, right?

7:46 Kajabi website magic
You won’t become a professional designer overnight, but you WILL get a headstart with Kajabi’s website builder, themes, and templates.

8:46 Does Kajabi help with hosting?
Why you don’t need a domain to get started—but you probably want a custom domain for your website and emails down the line.

10:05 Writing blog posts on Kajabi
You want this to be obstruction-free, right? When the create muse comes to you, outdated plugins are the last thing you want to ruin your momentum.

10:51 Does Kajabi do email marketing?
Dedicated email marketing tools like ConvertKit, Drip, and Aweber do emails BETTER than Kajabi. But there are reasons why I still prefer Kajabi.

11:56 Kajabi Funnels: What’s this about?
Good idea to imitate what ClickFunnels has had success with. But I’ll share why I don’t use the numbers I get from Funnels that much.

12:12 Contacts: Your own little CRM system
It has to be easy to find that student who requests a course refund. Less is more, and this is also apparent in the People or Contacts tab.

12:52 The simple version of Google Analytics
Kajabi has its own dashboard of useful statistics about you. I like the boiled-down version, but some core numbers are lacking.

13:35 Kajabi pricing: Why is it so expensive?
All the plans are expensive; Basic, Growth, and Pro. A lot of money to put on the table—but the price may still be worth it to the right customer.

14:39 Done with the Pros. Any Kajabi Cons?
Kajabi isn’t the perfect course platform for everyone. There are some issues with their mobile app and their Analytics module, I like to address.

16:23 IS Kajabi the Apple of course platforms, then?
What is the final conclusion—after weighing all the pros and cons of Kajabi? And is this platform always the right one for your online business?

By: Rued Riis
Title: Kajabi: The Apple of course platforms?
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDmD_9zWre8

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