Jordan Peterson: The Art of Storytelling

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You know, we’ve been collecting stories as people for we don’t know how long, really.We don’t know 100,000 years, maybe.There’s been creatures like us indistinguishable from us for 100,000 years.And we know that societies that appear to be more or less as archaic as those old societies tell stories, have rituals, have mythology. We have ancient written stories like the Enuma Elish, which is a sumerian story, the oldest written story. We have 4000 years old, based on an oral tradition that’s probably 20,000 years older than that. We’ve been collecting stories for a long, long time. What do they mean? What are they good for? Well, imagine this. You know, you tell a story to your husband or your wife about something interesting that you saw, right? Well, then imagine that you could collect 1000 of the most interesting stories. And then imagine that you were some kind of literary genius like Shakespeare and you could take those thousand interesting stories and boil them down to 100 really interesting stories. And then imagine that you had 10,000 years to gather up those hundred most interesting stories and average them and you could come out with one perfect story, the best story, the most interesting story that you could possibly tell.

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Title: Jordan Peterson: The Art of Storytelling
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