Join the world’s top platform, Fidelity Investment Group, to achieve a wealth life #investment

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Join the world’s top platform, Fidelity Investment Group, to achieve a wealth life #investment

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Investment income statement:
vip1 invests 10USDT, earns 0.5USDT daily,
vip2 invests 100USDT, earns 2.5USDT daily,
vip3 invests 500USDT, earns 13USDT daily,
vip4 invests 1000USDT, earns 26USDT daily,
vip5 invests 3000USDT, earns 81USDT daily,
vip6 invests 5000USDT, earns 138USDT daily,
vip7 invests 10,000 USDT, earns 294 USDT daily,
vip8 invests 30,000 USDT, earns 909 USDT daily,
vip9 invests 50000USDT, earns 1562USDT daily,
vip10 invests 100,000 USDT, earns 3225 USDT daily,
vip11 invested 300,000 USDT, with a daily income of 10,118 USDT,
VIP12 invests 500,000 USDT, earning 17,241 USDT daily,

1: Rewards for inviting friends
Invite 1 VIP2 member, get 12 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP3 member and get 58 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP4 member and get 108 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP5 member and get 318 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP6 member and get 528 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP7 member, get 1018 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP8 member and get 3188 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP9 member, get 5288 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP10 member, get 11888 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP11 member and get 32888 USDT.
Invite 1 VIP12 member and get 58888 USDT.
When you invite friends to reach (35) people, you can get extra rewards (388) USDT every day.
If you meet any of the conditions, please contact online customer service to apply for rewards.

2: Invite friends to enjoy third-level rewards
When someone registers to top up with your invitation code, you can get 3 tiers of rewards: Tier 1 bonus: 5%, Tier 2 bonus: 2%, Tier 3 bonus: 1%.
For example:
You recommend friend A to recharge 1,000 USDT, and you will get 50 USDT.
A recommends B to deposit 1,000 USDT, and you will get 20 USDT.
B recommends C to deposit 1000 USDT, and you will get 10 USDT.
The system automatically sends USDT rewards to your member account, which can be withdrawn at any time

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By: JA Official Earning
Title: Join the world”s top platform, Fidelity Investment Group, to achieve a wealth life #investment
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