It’s Ok to be Mentally Ill.

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We’re all probably mentally ill. Why don’t we talk about it?
History, anthropology, mad pride, and some confession thrown in, why not. It’s a Leftist Cook video.
You’re probably mentally ill, and it’s ok.

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Mad Pride Resources:
– Hearing Voices Network:

– Rachel Waddington, Behind the Label:
– The work of Sarah K. Reece:

Intro: 00:00
Why is Mental Illness a Category: 02:16
What is a Narcissist?: 13:34
Expertise: 28:15
The Problem with Psychology: 35:36
Panopticon of the Bog: 48:51
Mad Pride and Community Support: 59:52
Conclusion: 1:23:05

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By: The Leftist Cooks
Title: It”s Ok to be Mentally Ill.
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