How to Set up Google Analytics 4 on Shopify – GTM + Ecommerce Data layers [Shopify GA4 2022 Edition]

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Set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on Shopify, including the product-level e-commerce reports // No Apps – No 3rd Party Scripts. #shopify #ga4 #googleanalytics4

🔗 Master Tutorial: (Section: Shopify GA4 Kit)

00:00 Intro to Shopify GA4 using Google Tag Manager
00:59 Introducing Toolset: Shopify GA4 Kit (Free)
02:30 Create a GTM account
03:07 Install GTM container on Shopify
04:33 Add purchase data layer to Shopify checkout
06:49 Add product view data layer
10:29 Get the Pre-built GTM container including GA4 events
12:10 Import GTM container
14:10 Shopify Google Analytics 4 Tags on GTM
14:40 Create a Google Analytics 4 account/property
15:22 Find your GA4 measurement ID
16:10 Pause existing GA4 tags
17:15 Shopify GA4 setup validation & GTM walkthrough
20:15 Test using Google Tag assistant & walkthrough
23:21 Google Analytics 4 real-time events
24:12 Test GA4 purchase event for Shopify
26:40 Publish the GTM container [Crucial Step]

During this video, we will:
– NOT use any apps or 3rd party scripts. You will have full control and ownership over the setup and data.
– Have Google Tag Manager (GTM) installed on your Shopify store.
– Add purchase and product data layers to your Shopify store.
– Make Google Analytics 4 up and running through GTM.
– Enable GA4 e-commerce reports for your Shopify store.
– Validate your setup using GTM’s preview – debug mode.
– Double-check and test your data on GA4’s real-time view.

We will also create GTM and Google Analytics 4 accounts if you don’t have any.

Universal Analytics (UA) is coming to an end, and you should start using GA4 without even wasting another day.

We have created a completely free and easy-to-use toolset for the Shopify ecosystem: We call it the Shopify GA4 Kit, the best free & open source solution to run Google Analytics 4 on your Shopify store.

The Shopify GA4 Kit has:
– Purchase and Product data layers for Shopify,
– A pre-built GTM container, including GA4 tags, e-commerce data variables, and triggers,
– In-depth tutorials,
– Validation.

Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments and we will do our best to reply! Also, don’t forget to check the FAQ below.

❓ Why use Google Tag Manager to set up GA4 on Shopify?
It is simply the most accurate method. You can also use GTM containers, data layers, and triggers for other tags, such as Google Ads Conversion Tracking.

❓I have done the setup using Analyzify’s GA4 Wizard. What should I do now?
Follow this video tutorial and it will guide you. The 2022 edition setup includes GA4’s e-commerce reports, including product-level data. So you should remove the old setup and use this one instead.

❓Does Shopify support GA4? How can I set up GA4 on Shopify?
Shopify doesn’t have a native integration with Google Analytics 4 at the moment. You can use the Shopify GA4 Kit as explained in the video or purchase an app like Analyzify :)!

❓What is the Shopify GA4 Kit?
It is a free & open-source toolset the Analyzify team has created for the Shopify ecosystem. It includes everything you need for a proper setup. It also covers the Shopify data layers, a pre-built GTM container, and tutorials.

❓What will happen to my Universal Analytics set up on Shopify?
Your existing setup won’t be affected by this setup. You should keep it as it is, and you can keep using it until it is shut down.

❓I am an Analyzify client. What should I do?
Nothing 🙂 Analyzify includes the complete setup and you don’t need anything else. Just make sure you have your Analyzify setup completed, verified, and up & running.

❓I have other tags on my GTM. How can I use the Shopify GA4 Kit?
We elaborate further on this issue, so please follow the tutorial carefully. You will only need to stop your existing GA4 tags.

❓ Why is Google Analytics better than Shopify Analytics?
Shopify’s native reports will not be enough for you to run and optimize professional marketing campaigns as Shopify provides you only with a simple report interface covering the most basic data.

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Title: How to Set up Google Analytics 4 on Shopify – GTM + Ecommerce Data layers [Shopify GA4 2022 Edition]
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