How to run Junk Removal Google Ads – JRA VS ClicksGeek Google Ads

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How to properly run Google Ads for junk removal, and the question I keep getting on how runs my Google Ads.

I was constantly getting questions on who runs my Google Ads, or have I used JRA (Junk Removal Authority) before. The answer is yes I tried JRA, and I ended up going back to ClicksGeek.

The biggest reason is that JRA does not give you access to the google ads campaigns, they will not run them on your own google ad account.

BUT in this video I highlight a lot of positive things about JRA, this is just one component of theirs that didn’t perform as well for me. JUNKCON was amazing, their client websites are amazing, I’m sure their SEO is great, I’m sure their training packages & operation manuals are great, and so on!

In this video I will answer a lot of Google Ads questions, and will be doing a more in depth video next week too.

00:00 – Start
01:16 – How I started
03:03 – My landing page
04:36 – Pros and Cons of JRA
07:28 – JRA vs. ClicksGeek
08:39 – Hard rules when running Google Ads
12:15 – My Google Ads account
14:15 – My campaigns
14:59 – My ad groups
16:50 – My campaign settings
17:57 – Negative keywords
19:04 – The end SUBSCRIBE! :)

By: Andrew Thompson
Title: How to run Junk Removal Google Ads – JRA VS ClicksGeek Google Ads
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