How to Optimize Blogs for SEO (2023)

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Learn how to write and optimize blogs for SEO purposes.

Are you a marketer or business owner? Do you have a blog? If so, then watch this video and read our blog for more details.

Optimizing your Blog for SEO will help you rank for more keywords, rank higher on Google, and probably help you get more customers.

Follow these steps.

1. Think about which product or service keywords you want to rank for
2. Create pillar pages for each
3. Research similar blogs and pages ranking for those keywords
4. Do keyword research and find data (Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush)
5. Your blog pages will be seen as internal pages that will internally link to the core service or product pages
6. Start writing your article. Use keywords AND attention grabbers
7. Use that key phrase throughout that article (depends on length of article maybe 4-8 times)
8. Use internal and external links (internal site resources, external resources)
9. Create or download relevant images (save them as JPEG)
10. Compress images using TinyPNG and use Keyword Alt Tags
11. Provide relevant and helpful information
12. Be thorough and specific and provide examples
13. Add video if possible (some people dont like to read much)
14. Use keyword friendly Header Tags (H1-H6)
15. Download and Use Yoast SEO (if using WordPress)
16. Add CTA buttons and actionable items
17. Focus on quality so it improves time on page (relevance)
18. Share on social media (for more page traffic)
19. Add tags and categories (if using WordPress)
20. Add Metadata SEO (title and description)
21. Use your keyphrase in the link/url/slug, as well as the metadata
22. Get other blogs and sources linking back to your blog (using same keyphrase as the anchor text link)
23. Make sure the page is FAST & Mobile Friendly
24. Increase your overall domain authority using backlinking
25. Care about quality and the information provided (otherwise nobody else will read or care)

Thanks so much for watching, reading and learning. I hope this video helped. PLEASE Sub if you found this valuable!!

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Title: How to Optimize Blogs for SEO (2023)
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