How to Make Music Libraries LOVE YOU! [2023]

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You’ve got a decision to make that will directly affect how successful you become in the world of Production Music: Are you going to be easy to work with, or require some hand-holding by the Production Music Libraries your music is forwarded to by TAXI?

Assuming you’d prefer to be thought of as a buttoned-up professional, you REALLY don’t want to miss this week’s TAXI TV, and here’s why…

I’ve asked several of TAXI’s successful members to share their personal Music Licensing Checklists! What are they, exactly? They’re the lists of things they do before they submit their music to the companies we connect them with. It’s the list of things that make it easy for those companies to love working with them, again, and again!

The things that make them “go-to” composers and artists! The things that might even give them insider access and/or special treatment by the people at those Music Licensing Companies.

Do You Want to Be a “Go-To” Composer or Artist?
Don’t miss this episode of TAXI TV. I’ve already seen the checklists from these successful TAXI members, and WOW, they are really, really good! I honestly think these lists are better than what you might get if you were to take an expensive course in Music Licensing/Production Music.

You’ll Get the Checklists for FREE!
And you won’t have to pay to watch weeks of boring videos, or sit through classes with a professor who only gives you one person’s perspective. Our Production Music Checklists are coming to you directly from several highly-experienced (and successful) TAXI members who are battling it out in the trenches, right now!

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Title: How to Make Music Libraries LOVE YOU! [2023]
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