How to Leverage Dental Video Marketing – Webinar Recording

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How To Leverage Dental Video Marketing
Video is everywhere and each generation that follows continues to use video more than its predecessor. But traditionally it was very hard for businesses to produce videos that were professional, engaging, and impactful. And of course, the big question is, what’s the ROI of video marketing? In this webinar we’ll explore:
•Why Video Is So Powerful
•How Dentists Can Leverage Video In Their Practices
•Tools To Help Make Video Production Easier
•5 Videos Every Dentist Should Record Today

02:53 – [ Why Dental Video Marketing Is So Powerful ]
06:25 – [ How Video Is A Content Marketing Catalyst ]
12:50 – [ How Dentists can leverage video marketing in their practices ]
20:36 – [ Tools to help make video marketing and production easier ]
31:03 – [ 14 Types of Videos every dentist should record today ]

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Title: How to Leverage Dental Video Marketing – Webinar Recording
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