How to Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

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If the conversion rate of your sales calls is really low, here is what you have to do. You must look at the offer and what coaching programs you have for your sales team. You’ve also got to make sure there are no incongruencies between the sales process and the marketing that’s available either on your website or in your advertising.

So how do you do that? Work backwards from the offer. In this video, I go through each part of the process, working backwards from the offer, to help you get your sales process in line and increase your sales call conversion rate.

Here are helpful timestamps to navigate through this video:

00:00 – Introduction
00:21 – The offer
01:27 – Lead quality
04:13 – Sales team coaching
05:01 – Incongruencies
06:12 – Conclusion

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By: Behrouz Moemeni
Title: How to Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate
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