How to Increase Sales Conversions on Paid Advertising

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⏱ Chapters:
00:00 – How to get conversions on paid advertising? [Intro]
02:40 – Today’s episode is sponsored by FREE Scientific Advertising
03:47 – Lots of types of conversion
10:14 – Breaking down the path to conversion
14:33 – Increase sales conversions with testing
20:22 – Don’t forget to check out today’s links! [More Resources]

I’ve talked to advertisers spending thousands of dollars per day, who think a conversion is a singular event…
(I’ve been there, so I guess I can’t blame them…)
You spend some money, and someone buys or they don’t.
They converted, or didn’t.
But here’s the thing.
The world’s best advertisers NEVER think this way.
If there’s one “weird trick” they use to generate more conversions, it’s this…
They understand that in the context of paid advertising, there are a ton of little micro-conversions.
And the more you understand ALL the conversions… The more of the ultimate “you give me money for stuff” conversions you can generate.
In today’s episode, I go deep into this lesson.
How to Increase Sales Conversions on Paid Advertising
Yours for bigger breakthroughs,
Roy Furr

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By: Roy Furr — Breakthrough Marketing Secrets
Title: How to Increase Sales Conversions on Paid Advertising
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