How to Get Better Results From Your Facebook Ads

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Lots of people are having a hard time getting a good return on their Facebook ads. In this video, John Lincoln, CEO, will explain a few steps to scale your machine learning through your Facebook ads.

Start with a test campaign: set up your campaign, run it for about $800 a day, check the results, and if you see improvement, scale your program.

Creating Quality Audiences
Think about your target audiences. The real power is in your first-party data and retargeting audiences. You should have well-organized audience data that does not overlap.

Serving Ads
Encourage your click-through rate on ads to show the algorithm you have valuable content. Pay attention to your saturation point; don’t serve too many ads to the same people at one time.

Refine Your Creative
Never underestimate the value of good upper-funnel storytelling. Try customer testimonials and use social proof in your short-form video.

Landing Page
Make sure your landing page specifically matches and aligns with your ad.

Set up Facebook offline conversion tracking. You want the algorithm to run ads off a true conversion to your business.

Create a consistent weekly program to continue to monitor and enhance your ads as needed.
– Week 1: Complete overall reporting, strategy and budgets for the month
– Week 2: Review your creative, pause the worst ads, and create new variations
– Week 3: Review your competitors’ ads, find new insight, and analyze your landing page for performance
– Week 4: Review your audience’s key performance indicator and figure out what needs to be shifted

Other Campaign Performance Aspects to Pay Attention To:
1. Pacing: confirm pacing is on track and daily spending meets the target
2. Goals: monitor your current standing on lead and revenue goals for the month
3. Publisher Delivery Health: prospecting frequency and remarketing frequency should be 10 – 14 days

Try all of these things on your Facebook ads and let me know what changes you see. Leave a comment below.

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Title: How to Get Better Results From Your Facebook Ads
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